What’s the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?

A.A tuxedo is a suit with added touches such as a satin lapel. Satin trim along the pockets and down the side of the pants.
The tuxedo makes a statement  “ this is special to me” For example if you go to a grocery store you may see guys wearing suits and think nothing of it.
You wou
ld pay attention if he was in a tuxedo.

How far in advance should I book?

  Leave lots of lead time as wedding season is busy, so popular styles book out. More lead time gives us a chance to bring more stock in.

Custom suit orders can take 2-3 weeks to get in. ( rush orders available at an additional charge)

Should I rent or should I buy?

 The answer is  a question “ how often do you wear a suit or tux in a year? If you wear the suit or tux more than once a year you should consider buying.
If you wear it less than once a year renting would probably be the best option as sizes and styles do change

I have groomsmen out of town, that can't make it in until the day before the wedding. Will this be an issue?

There are two answers to this question. Firstly, we can basically get people measured in over 200 locations across Canada. As well as anywhere around the world by having them go to any menswear store, where they can be measured. They can then send their measurements to us by phone, email, or the contact us section of our website.

Secondly. If the groomsmen arrives the day before the wedding, it is usually not an issue as we stock our tuxedos in store. So if the measurements have changed, or were done incorrectly. We simply exchange it for the proper size.

What style does the Ring Bearer usually wear?

The most common theme for weddings when a Ring Bearer is present, is to match the style of the Groom.

What is the largest size of Tuxedo Mallabar has to offer?

We carry up to a size 76 chest. We have never lost a customer on a sizing issue.

Should the Groom try on his tuxedo / suit before he rents or buys?

It certainly helps because not all tuxedos are cut the same way. Trying on helps to ensure a proper fit, ensuring the groom looks his very best. Brides don't usually buy a dress without trying it on.

Do you rent shoes with your tuxedos?

Yes, we have five different styles of shoes to choose from. Usually wedding parties rent shoes to ensure that everyone looks their best. 

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